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August 29
OIT Participates in Roadrunner Days

The OIT Customer Relations and Communications team and Student Computing Services met hundreds of UTSA students this week at Roadrunner Days events to promote technology services available to them.

Students who stopped by our table received OIT gear and information on the resources available to them through OIT. Student computer labs, mobile printing, and the Student Innovation Coalition, are just a few of the resources available to students highlighted this week.

We encourage students, staff, and faculty to “like,” “follow,” and “connect” with us on social media to receive great information from OIT such as job postings, our latest project updates, and technology tips!

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August 29
ITA/ISA Meeting Recap – August

The ITA's gathered Friday, August 22 for their monthly meeting. Several great speakers presented useful information to the group.

Robert Granado from Academic Technology discussed using Microsoft Lync for office, classroom, and conference room communication. Harold Meyer from Support Services Managed Solutions provided insight on Microsoft Bitlocker Administration. Lance Pritchard from Security shared updates on InSight, NAC, and Identity Finder. Finally, Ben Garrison provided general OIT updates and guided the discussion.

Click here to view the photos from the event. To review the PowerPoint presentation from the meeting click here.

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August 29
Quotes from Techies

A new academic year begins at UTSA! Welcome back Roadrunners!

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August 29
DegreeWorks Now Available for UTSA Students

Graduate on time! DegreeWorks is available for students to monitor their academic progress toward degree completion. DegreeWorks allows students and their advisors to plan future coursework and run degree audits, easily identifying courses that have been completed and what courses are still needed in order to fulfill degree requirements. Students can access DegreeWorks though ASAP or by meeting with their academic advisor. Don’t delay, checkout DegreeWorks today!

Connect online with UTSA Office of Information Technology on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

August 28
Job Postings in STARS: 8/28

Enterprise Database Specialist (DBA) - Open until filled

Please visit the UTSA Human Resources page to view all available positions.

August 22
Congratulations to the Recent Graduates!

A​ngel Olivarez, Project Coordinator at OIT received her M.S. in Non Profit Management from Our Lady of the Lake University

Dalinda Hanna, Webmaster at OIT received her M.I.S.M. in Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance from Keller Graduate School

Rosalind Ong de Treviño, Technical Writer at OIT, received her M. Ed. In Educational Leadership and Policy Study from UTSA.
All three graduates worked full-time while completing their degree requirements, an aspect the Ong De Trevino said helped her solidify the connection between the theories learned in the classroom and the practices in the field. Hanna said, “With a full time job, kids, and school, I truly do not remember sleeping much.”
Although balancing work, school, and family present a challenge while pursuing a degree, opportunities such as researching, gaining new skills, and growing a network of peers with similar interests can make it an exceptional experience.

August 22
OIT Provides Training to Peer Mentors

With the new academic year approaching, many student workers are returning to campus for training. The introduction of the Academic Inquiry and Scholarship course for new UTSA freshman created peer mentor positions for students who have an interest in mentoring fellow students.


Peer mentoring orientation and training was held Thursday, August 21 at UTSA Main Campus. OIT was invited to train the peer mentors on new student technology on campus, specifically EARN and DegreeWorks. The tools, which are part of the Graduation Rate Improvement Plan (GRIP) integrated advising tools, aim to assist students to graduate in 4-years. During the training, peer mentors learned to check on flags (progress notifications) for their mentees in EARN and how to view degree audits and create student plans in DegreeWorks.


For more information visit the OIT GRIP projects webpage.

August 22
UTSA Roadrunner Days Begin Friday, August 22

OIT Customer Relations and Communications will be participating at several events at both the UTSA Main Campus and Downtown Campus. We will be providing OIT gear and information for students that stop by and “like”, “follow”, or “connect” with us on social media. UTSA Roadrunner Days will begin this Friday, August 22 and run through August 29. Roadrunner Days events and activities welcome students back and provide information.


For more information on Roadrunner Day events visit

August 21
Job Postings in STARS: 8/21

Enterprise Database Specialist (DBA) - Open until filled

Please visit the UTSA Human Resources page to view all available positions.

August 20
Please, Don’t Make it Easy for Hackers

Have you ever wondered how so many celebrities manage to get their email accounts hacked? How their “private pictures” end up all over those gossip sites?  Sure, some of it may just be leaked for the sake of generating publicity, however, skilled account hackers can often do this easily, especially if they get help from the user.


Consider this scenario:

When you set up an email (or other private) account, you are often asked to provide answers to “challenge questions.”  Typically, the questions ask you to provide information such as your favorite pet, your school’s name, the town where you were born, etc.  For celebrities, this information is often easily available by simply doing a Google search. 
But for the rest of us, where could a hacker find this information?  Easy: social media.  The amount of information we share about ourselves through social media can be staggering.
So, now the hacker knows where to find the answers to the challenge questions, but how does he hack the email account?  Well, first he has to figure out the person’s email address. For some hackers, It may be an educated guess (, involve scouring the Internet for clues, or performing simple research.  Think about it - Is your email address listed on one or more of your social media pages?  And, better yet, does it really need to be?


OK, let’s assume the bad guy now has 1) a valid email address, and 2) access to personal information about the email account holder.  His next step is even simpler.  He goes to the email log in page and clicks the “Forgot password” link and your challenge questions pop up.  The hacker answers the questions correctly and is given a temporary password.  He logs in, changes the password and now he has full control of the email account – inbox, sent mail, pictures and more.  For all intents and purposes, he is you.

That’s it.  Fairly easy, straightforward, and scary.  So, how do you protect yourself?  Here are a couple of tips:
  • When setting up an account, choose the more difficult challenge questions – information that only you would know.
  • Don’t overshare on social media.  It can be difficult, but remember to be cautious.
  • Don’t publicize your private email address to the world.  Many social media platforms have built-in chat or email functions.  Use those.
  • Don’t use the same User ID/email address and password for multiple accounts.  If someone gets access to your email account and you use the same log in credentials for your banking account, you could be headed for trouble.

If you have questions about information security topics, contact the Office of Information Security at

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