How to Back Up Important Files

CrashPlan PROe Data Backup Service

To ensure that your data is not lost, you can back up your computer files using CrashPlan PROe -OIT’s New Enterprise Backup Service. 

This new service will provide up-to-date backups of your individual User’s profile data (including your desktop, your my documents, my pictures, my music and my folders, links, favorites, downloads and contacts) on your “primary workstation” (the computer that you use the most) as identified in the InSight application.    

How Do I Get CrashPlan PROe?

To be eligible to use this software, your computer must meet the following criteria in the InSight application:

  • Your computer must report that you are on the UTSARR network domain.
  • Your computer must be registered as your primary workstation.
  • For those users’ workstations that already meet these criteria, OIT automatically deploys CrashPlan PROe to these workstations. 

If you have not received the auto-deployment but would like to have CrashPlan PROe installed for data backup use on your primary computer, please click here to send your request for installation.

Please provide the following information in your email:

  • Your name
  • Your location
  • Your computer name and/or UTSA Asset number

Your request will be sent to OITConnect for processing and installation of the CrashPlan PROe application.

For more information on using CrashPlan click here.

Other Methods of Backing Up Your Data:

I: Drive Use

UTSA provides an “i: Drive” central location on the UTSA network that allows faculty and staff members to store business-related documents within their own department under what is known as the “common” drive. Each user has their own individual folder as well that is only accessible by that user.   You can use the i: Drive to store your critical files such as your My Documents onto this network drive. Click here to learn more about i: drive access and use.

Windows or Mac OSx Tools

You can also backup your data by using the built in tools from your computer’s operating system. The links below explain how to back up files using this method:


Macintosh OS X:

For more assistance with options on how to back up your data, contact OITConnect by submitting your request via e-mail to or by calling our OITConnect Support Line at 210-458-5555.​​