Information Resource Standards and OIT Policy

​​General Data Protection Virus Protection Confidential or Protected Information
Security Decentralized Technical Resources Passwords Incidental Use of Information Resources
Internet Use Portable and Remote Computing Email Information Services Privacy
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Policy for Learning Management Data Retention
Acceptable Use Account Management
Administrative/Special Access Application Development and Acquisition
Application Registration Change Management Computer Naming Convention Configuration and Asset Management
Copiers and Printers Data Center Data Classification Data Encryption
Disaster Recovery Disposal of Computers Other Devices Email Management Enterprise Backup and Data Recovery
Incident Response Information Resources User (NEW) Information Security Administrator Information Security Risk Assessment
Information Security Training Information Services Privacy Internet Use Intrusion Detection
Log-in Disclaimer Text Network Access Network Configuration Password/Passphrase
Patch Management Personal Computing Physical Access Policy Exception and Risk Assumption
Portable Computing Position of Special Trust Protection Against Malware Security Monitoring
Server Hardening Software Licensing Threat Detection and Prevention Unauthorized File Sharing
Vendor Access Web Application Vulnerability Scanning Wireless Network Workstation OS Support
Data Owner  Office Computer Purchases (NEW) Learning Mgmt System Data Retention (NEW) Minimum Security for Computer Systems