About Student Printing on Campus

Where To Find Up-to-date PrintSpot Drivers and Mobile Print information

Please Visit http://www.utsa.edu/printspot for latest PrintSpot Windows and Mac Device Drivers and Information on Mobile (email attachments - to - print) feature.


How Much Does It Cost To Print

​Single-Sided ​Cost per Page ​Double-Sided ​Cost per Page

B&W (8.5 by 11)

​6 cents

​B&W (8.5 by 11)

​9 Cents

​B&W (8.5 by 14)

​8 Cents

​B&W (8.5 by 14)

​12 Cents

​Color (8.5 by 11)

​24 Cents

​Color (8.5 by 11)

​36 Cents

​Color (8.5 by 14)

30 Cents

​Color (8.5 by 14)

​50 Cents

B&W (11 by 17)*

11 Cents

​B&W (11 by 17)*

15 Cents

​Color  (11 by 17)*
22 Cents

​Color (11 by 17)*

​50 Cents*

  * Tabloid (11 by 17) printing is only available at the SCS labs.

How Do Faculty, Staff, and guest patrons Use the Student PrintSpot Program?

Faculty, Staff, and Guest Patrons (former or non-active enrolled students, Alumni, and Non-UTSA affiliated persons) are not included in the Student Print-Spot allocation printing privileges and must purchase a Guest Card and add Funds onto that Guest Card at various Cash Value Stations around the Main (1604) and Downtown campuses. Then Use the Guest Card number when sending release print jobs from computers and swiping the Guest card again at the Print-Spot printers to bring up print jobs on screen. 

Faculty and Staff may contact the Print-Spot program manager via OIT Connect (210) 458-5555 or email oitconnect@utsa.edu services and make arrangements to obtain printing permissions on their UTSA ID Cards using UTSA "Inter-Departmental Transfers" of funds processes.